Selling Your Electronic Components Inventory? Find An Electronic Components Distributor

electronic components suppliersSelling your electronic parts inventory can be a hassle, especially if you are trying to sell obsolete components. One of the best ways to avoid the frustration and profit from your sales is to hire a distributor who is experienced in selling the type of components you have in your inventory. While specialization, such as military components, is not necessary, it can be beneficial.

First, consider the type of distributor you need. Although they will not be an employee, the same qualities of punctuality, experience, and work ethic you seek from your employees should be required from the distributor you hire. If you are a military or aerospace manufacturer, you will want a distributor that deals with those types of components regularly.

Many electronic component distributors advertise themselves online. In order to narrow down your search, look specifically for the distributors that are experienced in your inventory. Once you narrow down your search to five or less, research the following:

Experience: Find out how long the distributors have been in the business. Their length of time in the industry will be a good indicator if they are forward-thinkers and have withstood the test of a rapidly changing market.

Referrals: Look into their clients – are they similar in size or specialization as you? This is a good indicator of whether the distributor can handle you as a client or not. While this is often shown on the distributor’s website, you may need to ask for it.

Affordability: Your bottom line is important in any transaction. Many distributors charge a percentage of what your items were sold for, but some may charge additional fees.

Many distributors are also electronic component suppliers, therefore if you need both, it is important to research both sides of their business. Once you narrow down your list further, be sure to contact them directly to get answers to all of your questions.

If you are looking to hire an electronic component distributor who has ample experience in their industry, we suggest that you check out Harry Krantz Company. With over 70 years in the business of selling various electronic parts, including obsolete military components, they are also able to advise their customers on when to best buy, sell or keep their components. To learn more about Harry Krantz or to request a quote, please visit our website.


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